About us

Rating Company “StandardRating” was registered in the UK in September, 2010. The Company’s activities were aimed at studies of credit risks in emerging markets. For us the following markets are of top priority: countries of New Europe and such dynamic markets as Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Republic of South Africa. The agency is owned by individuals.


It is exactly operations in emerging markets that can generate significant income, and are therefore attractive for investors. However emerging markets also bear higher credit risks, which require thorough assessment. As demonstrated by the crisis of 1998 as well as of 2008 later on, large rating agencies do not pay enough attention to credit risk assessment of issuers in the countries of New Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia.


We see our core mission in building a system of credit risk identification in emerging markets. In the countries of our operations we are constructing a new credit risk measurement system, which covers both sovereigns and private companies’ risks. Objectivity of our risk assessment system is assured by the company’s unique business model.


 As of today Rating Company “StandardRating”


  • Acts as a holding company for subsidiary rating agencies, which are headquartered in the regions of operations;
  • Acts as the central communications office for investors from main markets;
  • Acts as a research center, that scrutinizes country risks and assigns sovereign ratings

All credit ratings are maintained by affiliated rating agencies of GPRC ‘StandardRating’ which are registered outside the European Union