30-04-2013 GPRC "StandardRating" Ltd has finished the registration process of the representative office in Warsaw

April 30, 2013 Ministerstwo Gospodarki Rzeczypospolitej registered the representative office of GPRC "StandardRating" Ltd in Warsaw.The registration of the representative office of the company in Warsaw is a part of the strategy of transforming GPRC

28-08-2012 "StandardRating" Group informs about the recall of all sovereign ratings

GPRC "StandardRating" Ltd informs you that the group ceases to work with the sovereign ratings. This step is associated with the beginning of the transformation process of GPRC "StandardRating" Ltd in the rating agency. Earlier, the British company

28-02-2012 Updated ratings of Armenia, Montenegro, Moldova, Azerbaijan

On February 28th,  2012, “StandardRating” Group informed about rating update for Armenia, Montenegro, Moldova, Azerbaijan. Previously these countries were rated in 2011. The aforesaid countries’ ratings are still

22-12-2011 GPRC “StandardRating” finalized formation of the rating list of 27 sovereign ratings.

On December 22nd,  2011, “StandardRating” Group finalized formation of the sovereign rating list. During 2011 the agency assigned 22 ratings to the countries of the operations region “New Europe and CIS countries) and 5

02-06-2011 GPRC “StandardRating” declared introduction of internal principles of sovereign ratings differentiation.

On June 02nd GPRC “StandardRating” announced assignment of sovereign ratings to Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania on the level of А+, ВВ+ and ВВ+ respectively. Also, the agency disseminates to investors information about the necessity

12-01-2011 GPRC “StandardRating” announced assignment of first sovereign ratings

On January12th  GPRC “StandardRating” announced assignment of first sovereign ratings to Croatia and Hungary. Long-term credit rating of Croatia in foreign currencies was set on the level of BBB on the Agency’s scale, the

06-10-2010 In Kiev, rating agency “Standard-rating” was founded.

On October 06th, 2010, in Kiev (Ukraine) RA “Standard-Rating” was founded. Rating agency “Standard-Rating” is a unit of Global private rating company "StandardRating" Ltd. Functions of rating and research business development

24-09-2010 “StandardRating” holding company was registered in the UK

In the UK registration of holding company Global private rating company "StandardRating" Ltd. was finalized. The new agency that appeared in EU is aimed at research of credit risks of emerging markets’ private companies and governments.