In Kiev, rating agency “Standard-rating” was founded.


On October 06th, 2010, in Kiev (Ukraine) RA “Standard-Rating” was founded. Rating agency “Standard-Rating” is a unit of Global private rating company "StandardRating" Ltd. Functions of rating and research business development in Russian-speaking countries of the former USSR were assigned to “Standard-Rating”. RA “Standard-Rating” provides the entire range of rating services to its customers, including classic contractual credit rating services, rating research and ratings for mass-media.


RA “StandardRating” was the first subsidiary company founded by GPRC “StandardRating” beyond EU. Ukraine was chosen first to commence formation of subsidiaries network as a state with enlarged credit risk and comparatively low cost of running a business. The agency will work on assignment of credit ratings and conducting surveys for mass-media. The agency’s specialists will participate in preparation of analytical support for sovereign ratings in the countries of GPRC StandardRating’s operations.


GPRC “StandardRating” acts as the communications office for its subsidiaries and representative offices as well as assigns, updates and monitors ratings of sovereign governments’ obligations in 27 countries of operations