GPRC “StandardRating” finalized formation of the rating list of 27 sovereign ratings.


On December 22nd,  2011, “StandardRating” Group finalized formation of the sovereign rating list. During 2011 the agency assigned 22 ratings to the countries of the operations region “New Europe and CIS countries) and 5 ratings to the states of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

As of 22/12/2011 all ratings assigned by GPRC “StandardRating” had RSO status (ratings reports for subscribers only), which envisages availability of the rating assessment to the public, but rating reports and the entire rating history are available for the Agency’s subscribers only. Among the Agency’s subscribers there are institutional and private investors.

All credit ratings are maintained by affiliated rating agencies of GPRC ‘StandardRating’ which are registered outside the European Union