“StandardRating” holding company was registered in the UK


In the UK registration of holding company Global private rating company "StandardRating" Ltd. was finalized. The new agency that appeared in EU is aimed at research of credit risks of emerging markets’ private companies and governments. Besides BRICS countries, which are traditionally interesting for investors, the agency is also planning to assess risks in the countries of New Europe and states of the former USSR.

The Agency’s development program is planned for 10 years and by the year of 2015 it envisages foundation of subsidiary rating agencies and representative offices on the countries of BRICS, New Europe and CIS. Overall development strategy of Global private rating company "StandardRating" Ltd envisages the company’s role as a holding company and central communications office for the investors. Also, the list of the functions carried out by rating company "StandardRating" includes assignment and monitoring of obligations ratings of sovereign governments of the countries of operations. The approved list of countries contains 27 states.